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Information about the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds
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4. Foundation stone for the German Stadium

Hirschbach Valley

In Hirschbach Valley (east of Nuremberg), full scale wooden stands were constructed to test the proportions and sightlines of the planned stadium, around 1939 (Documentation Centre).

Innenansicht der geplanten Kongresshalle, Modell

Interior view of the planned Congress Hall, model (Stadtarchiv Nuremberg).

Only a few hundred metres from here, the German Stadium was to supposed to be built, as the world‘s largest arena with a capacity of 400,000 spectators. (In comparison: the stadium today holds 44,000 spectators.) The foundation stone for the German Stadium was laid on 9 September, 1937. The works did not proceed further than the excavation. Today‘s “Silbersee” lake, the excavation full of groundwater, is a reminder of this project inspired by NS megalomania.