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Nuremberg Kultur (Shortcut: 0)
Information about the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds
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Extra-Station 1:
The Building of the "Industrie- und Kulturverein"

The Kulturverein Building on Frauentorgraben 49, 1936

The Kulturverein Building on Frauentorgraben 49, 1936 (Stadtarchiv Nuremberg).

Up until 1967, the Building of the “Industrie- und Kulturverein” stood here. It was inaugurated in 1905, one of the city‘s most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, and was among the most important venues for cultural events. In September 1935, during the NS Party Rallies, the Kulturverein Building, because of its large hall, was used for the meeting of the Reichstag which was called at very short notice to adopt the “Racial Laws”. The magnificent building was completely destroyed on 2 January, 1945. A replacement building from 1950 was demolished along with the remaining ruins to make way for a new building, which since 1971 has been the headquarters of the Middle Franconian directorate for the AOK Health Insurance.

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