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Information about the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds
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17. Stadium swimming baths

The stadium swimming pool after its completion, 1928

The stadium swimming pool after its completion, 1928 (Stadtarchiv Nuremberg) .

The stadium swimming baths were part of the large sports and leisure park created near Dutzendteich lake lake in the 1920s. Just as the adjacent municipal stadium, the modern competition swimming pool, complete with 100-metre pool, diving platform and meadows for sunbathing, was designed by architect Otto Ernst Schweizer. Alfred Hensel, director of the city‘s parks department, provided the overall design for the park. For this he was honoured with a gold medal in the arts competition of nations on the occasion of the IX. Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. The baths remained undamaged during World War II and were refurbished in 1999.

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